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Wine production and consumption around the world 2012

Wine production and wine consumption around the world 2012

In view of the reduced harvest for wine from Europe and the United States it makes sense to look at the global situation.

World wine production

The global wine production has decreased from about 280 million HL in 2000 to about 265 million HL in 2011. France is still the largest wine producing country with 58 million HL 10 years ago and 50 million HL in 2011. Next are Italy with a yield of 52 million HL in 2000 and 42 million HL in 2011 and Spain with 42 million HL in 2000 and 33 million HL last year. The wine production in the United States and Germany has stayed relatively stable. Significant growth rates are coming from countries like Argentina, Australia, Chile, China and South Africa. Especially the production in New Zealand, Chile and Australia has increased during the last 5 years. In contrary Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary have lost a lot of their wine production. The harvest in Portugal, South Africa, and Brazil has been quite stable over the last 10 years.

Global wine consumption

The global wine consumption has increase from 226 million HL in 2000 to about 244 million HL in 2011.

So the wine production has decreased by more than 5% while the wine consumption has increased by 8%. Therefore the overproduction of wine has declined significantly. Nevertheless the wine consumption in Europe shows a small decline with slight increases only in England and even levels in Germany. On the other hand the wine consumption in Russia has more than doubled, in China it has risen significantly and also in the United States consumption has risen. But there is still an overproduction worldwide. Therefore the forecasted small wine production for this year should not have such a heavy effect as it was experienced during the last year. The wine flow between the countries has shifted significantly and the uncertainty has opened doors for speculations.

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