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Argentina – substantial increase expected for 2013 crop

Argentinas national wine and vine institute INV has issued its initial set of estimates for this years crop. The estimates show that Argentina is currently expected to harvest a crop of 28,331,169 quintals of grapes, translating to an increase of 26 percent on last year. The countrys leading producer region, Mendoza, is forecasting a rise of 29 percent in output for 2013. “Increased production in Mendoza is due to very good bud burst and fruit set, helped by timely rains,” said INV chairman Guillermo García. He also said that warm winds had had an impact on the recovery of vineyards located in areas affected by hail last year, namely Junín, Santa Rosa, Maipú, Rivadavia, San Martin and San Rafael, noting that there was a low incidence of hailstorms causing significant damage, except in some districts of San Carlos, Tupungato and Santa Rosa.

 Production estimates for San Juan, the second-largest producer region in Argentina, currently show an increase of 24 percent on 2012. “The increase is due to the absence of major climatic accidents, recovery of vineyards affected by frost and hail last year, good bud burst and fruit set,” explained Guillermo García. He added: “so far no challenges or health issues have been found in any of the country's wine regions so this initial estimate ensures a normal crop”.

 INV will review these estimates in February. The organisation has signed an agreement with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the Foundation UNCuyo Rural Development Institute to work together on developing harvest forecasts.

Source: La journee © 2012
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