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Market report wine harvest Chile 2013

The first indications for the wine harvest 2013 are good. At the moment everybody expects a normal harvest and normal quantities. Nevertheless the cellars are empty especially in regards to generic white wines. Buyers from Spain have bought all available wines from old vintages. The big players, like Cocha Y Toro, have already fixed prices for grapes from the new harvest. The expected price for grapes is about USD 0,65 per kg.

 When you calculate quantity forecasts, cost of wine making and production, we expect following price levels for bulk wine vintage 2013 from Chile:

D.O. wine white between USD 0,95 and USD 1,10 per liter, depending on quality

D.O. wine red between USD 0,90 and USD 1,00 per liter, depending on quality

Generic white at around USD 0,90 per liter

Generic red at around USD 0,75 per liter

For effective prices we now wait for  final harvest results and worldwide demand.

We are still able to offer wines from vintage 2012 upon request:

Cabernet Sauvignon



Generic red

Sauvignon blanc

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