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Market report Italy - March 2013

Market report Italy - March 2013

Many Italian cooperatives are facing an uncertain future!


There was a significant reduction in private consumption in Italy. Per head consumption has decreased by about 10%. The retail sector will sell a significant smaller volume of bottled wines in Italy then the years before. This will result in smaller bottling volumes in Italy. This may also mean that suddenly spot lots will appear on the market within the next few months.


On the other hand because of the small harvest last year less quality wine has been classified as table wine than in previous years. There is little table wine available from Italy but the demand is very high. Many cooperatives have sold out, but not yet shipped all contracts.


Different from other countries Italy has imported little wine – not generic wine and not quality wine for local bottlers.

Only distilleries and producers of vinegar have bought cheap lots abroad (Macedonia, South Africa).


The export volume for bulk has decreased dramatically by 20%. But also the export of bottled wines has decreased lately, nevertheless this was compensated by higher prices. 


At the moment the market is quite, prices are stable with a downward tendency. Many traders are waiting anxiously for reports on the current vegetation and for reports from the other wine producing areas in Europe. Depending on those news it is likely that spot lots will suddenly appear on the market.


We advise our clients for wines from Italy to be patient and make quick buying decisions at the right time. At the VINITALY we will get a good feeling for new tendencies. © 2012
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