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Global bulk wine market

Global bulk wine market

Please find following a description of the current market situation for bulk wine based on the market reports from the overseas countries and the forecasts for the harvests in Europe.

Facts for the vintage 2013 in the Southern hemisphere

The vintage 2013 was a success in both quantity as well as quality in all countries of the Southern hemisphere. Chile and Argentina have stated excellent harvest results. South Africa has stated a record wine harvest of more than 11,5 Mio. hl. New Zealand reports the biggest vintage ever! Statistical data from Australia estimate an increase of about 10% compared to last year even though the growing areas have been reduced. The result is a more than needed quantity of wine coming from the Southern hemisphere.

Forecast for the vintage 2013 in Europe

Forecasts for Europe this year show a similar picture. France should increase production by 10%. Spain expects a very large harvest and even from Italy we hear very high figures – higher than the just corrected figures from last year. Therefore Europe shall produce much wine if there are no major problems coming up within the next weeks.

Forecast for the international wine scenario

This year we will not speak of a lack of wine! Even so wine growing areas have been reduced we have an increasing wine production world wide. Besides the overseas countries this is also due to the increasing wine production in China and America. The balance is shifting from Europe to other countries. Europe produces now less than 60% of the total wine production – with numbers decreasing. We do not see a lack of wine (other than the OIV). This is also supported by the increasing flexibility of oversea transports. Prices are less effected by the size of the harvest than they are effected by speculations. Many of those speculations are due to Italian and Spanish Cooperatives, which now complain about a “hangover”! If the vegetation continues as is we will have a good wine year – tempers will cool down – prices will sink to normal levels – and there will be enough wine available within Europe. © 2012
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