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Preview vintage 2013 Italy

< As of today we are expecting a good harvest in quantity and excellent in quality for Italy. The grapes are healthy and there have been little damages due to the weather. Also the weather forecast for the next weeks is promising.

< In the North of Italy the vegetation is still 2 weeks behind normal years. The must reading is still low. Therefore prices for the new harvest will be available later in the season and also deliveries of new wine will start later than usual.

< In Italy many bottling companies are still waiting for their filling orders. Wine consume is slow and the trading house are holding back. But prices are on a stable value. Experts expect prices for old wines to decrease as soon as price for the new crop are announced.

< The harvest will start in the South in September and in the North 2 weeks later. Only a few grape varieties will be picked before.

< Falling price for the new vintage are a must. Spain has already reduced price levels over the last weeks and Italy must follow. So the question is not if prices fall but how much they will fall!

< Falling prices will effect all grape varieties and regions with the exception of very trendy varieties like Pinot Grigio and Prosecco.

< In the middle of September we should have already some indications for prices from vintage 2013.

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