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Market report Australia


Recently there have been speculations in regards to the real wine market situation in Australia. Please find following a summary from our partner in Down Under:

< 2013 was a very good wine year. Thanks to a wet and cold winter and a hot summer the grapes were healthy and the wines of exceptional quality.

< The prices for grapes actually were much too high in regards to the large quantity that was harvested. Only weeks after the harvest prices adapted to the new situation. Similar as in 2008 the price changed due to pressure from export markets. Today the prices are internationally competitive. Some large importers are still speculating on falling prices, but we think they are wrong. 

< A lot of wine has been sold but many good lots are still available. The available quantities are large and offers and prices are stable. If you want wine from Australia then buy now.

< It is of course early to speculate on price for vintage 2014. But still in Australia experts believe that the next season will be as good as the last season. There was enough rain in winter, the water reservoirs have been filled, the wine producing area has not been reduced, and long term weather forecasts look promising.

< The increase in wine prices since 2010 should end with vintage 2014. Speculations have driven prices too high. So Australian wines shall be available at much better prices starting in the middle of 2014.

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