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Market Report France


While everybody is reading about the record harvest in Spain and a good but normal harvest in Italy the news from France have been only in small print. 4 weeks ago the general expectation for France was that of a better than average harvest 2013. But terrible hail storms have devastated many wine growing areas especially in Bordeaux and Champagne. So today the forecast stands at 43,5 mio. hl – less than the long term average – maybe the smallest harvest of the last 40 years!

In addition like in many Southern countries the sugar content of the grapes is very small and the alcohol graduation will be unusually little. At the same time French cellars have never been emptier than today. Many Cooperatives and wineries claim that they have no wine left. This is true for white wine but also for Rosé wine. Even the stock of red wine is extremely small.

Producers expect a very dynamic autumn season in regards to the demand from within France. France still is the biggest wine consuming country of the world! This will also mean that there will not be any or just very little wine for export available. Maybe with the exception of some Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. There won’t be any Rosé wine left for exporting!

If you do need French wines for your wine portfolio we advise you to state your needs in time! Other alternatives will be wine in bulk from Spain, Italy and Overseas. © 2012
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